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Welcome to Alt-F4. This is just a comic I've made to visualise and share some of the slightly more obscure thoughts which pass through my brain. Most of the ideas pop up when I'm literally about 90% asleep, but a few ideas also come from interesting conversations or things I've seen. Hopefully you enjoy the comic and find it funny!


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Willow says No.

02 Jan 2009 12:38 am

Fuck the schedule

Hey peoples.

We aren't gonna do 5 comics a week, Dan keeps missing updates and I can't keep filling in for him for days in a row.

I'm going to go back to updating simply when I feel like it.

Happy New Year!

13 Dec 2008 08:09 am

New Co-Author

Right okay, so the awesome MagicalJamie (aka. just plain ol' Jamie) is joining us on our voyage of Alt F4! :D He's got some funky, cool, skilled and just plain ol' sexy art as well as some plain ol' kickass ideas. So hopefully it's going to be a great addition to Alt-F4! :D

And also - You will probably be see more hand-drawn stuff on Alt F4 from now on. The toilet men are NOT dead, but Jamie and I both drawing like hell so we'll probably add more drawn pages :)


04 Sep 2008 06:55 am


Just spent about 45 minutes copyrighting my entire comic. Not sure why the hell I'm telling you about it. Yay!

18 Jul 2008 08:35 am


Once again, my comic has been rating raped by some dumb kid. Someone went out of their way to give about 10 of my comics a 1 rating. I mean, why? What is the point of spending your time going through other people's comics and giving each and every single page a low rating??? Pretty damn pathetic and low if you ask me. Losers.

PS. Would be nice if you guys would rate my comics (fairly) in future just to bump up the now very low rating =/

13 Jul 2008 08:54 am

Alright, folks:

Back to school tomorrow after a month long holiday (srsly - wtf?), so this comic wont update as regularly. I'm hoping still for AT LEAST 2 pages a week, though I'll hopefully get out 3 if I can keep the creative juices flowing.

Yay! :D

11 Jul 2008 04:25 pm


Just like to thank everyone for the support so far! It's really motivating and I honestly appreciate it a huge amount :)

Thanks! :D

07 Jul 2008 06:32 am

A Sad Day

Alright. Well, I feel like a bit of a wang for doing this, but I felt that I wanted to go solo for this comic. I dont know why, but I feel that I want to have it more established, get it up a bit before having co-authors. It's nothing personal, honestly. Anyway, not to ph34r! Sorry James =[

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